In Memory of Frank Gavine

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In Memorium

Frank Gavine

Passed Away March 16, 2023, in his 90th Year


Frank Gavine was a Councillor and the Reeve serving Ryerson Township for 25 years.  Frank was elected as a Councillor in December 1978 and was Reeve from 1985 until his retirement in 2003.

Frank’s down to earth, common-sense outlook, combined with his gift of a sense of humour provided strong and fair leadership to Council, Staff and the Ryerson Community.

Frank had a strong sense of community, giving so much of his time to ensure the quality of life here in Ryerson that he valued so much, as well as setting the foundation for the vital, caring community that is Ryerson Township.

Rest in peace Frank, we will all miss you.

Mayor, Council and Staff, Ryerson Township

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