Energy Management

Effective January 1, 2019, the Green Energy Act, 2009, and its regulations were repealed. Ontario Regulation 507/18 ‘Broader Public Sector: Energy Reporting and Conservation Demand Management Plans’ was instituted to replace OREG 397/11 ‘Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans’. No changes were made to the regulation when it was replaced.

OREG 507/18 requires that a summary of every public agency’s annual energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions be posted on their website, including a list of the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for the year, with respect to each of the public agency’s operations that is conducted in buildings or facilities the public agency owns or leases. To view this report for Ryerson Township, please click on the report of interest listed below.

OREG 507/18 also requires municipalities to prepare and post an updated five-year Energy Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) plan for all Township operations.