Emergency Preparedness

In the event of river (or watercourse) flood containment and prevention

Flooding is the leading cause of public emergencies in Ontario. Keep up to date on potential flooding and MNRF’s warnings HERE or checking our latest news section.

Our policy for sandbagging is to assist with the prevention of damage to property by flooding.  The sole responsibility for protection of private property in the event of a flood lies with individual property owners. 

Although it is not the responsibility of the municipality to provide property owners with sand bags, in case of flooding or danger of flooding, the Township of Ryerson does have a limited number of sand bags available to property owners in the Township. 

A property owner may purchase up to ten (10) empty sand bags at a cost of $0.60 (including HST) per sand bag to fill from our stock.

Sand Bags may be purchased during office hours 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

In an emergency, sand bags can be picked up at the municipal garage after hours from a staff member of the road department.  The cost of the sand bags will be invoiced subsequently, from the office.

View our Sand bag Policy HERE

Code Red

Ryerson Township has partnered with the Village of Burk’s Falls to offer residents CodeRED, an Emergency/Community notification system.

CodeRED is utilized by local public safety personnel to notify residents and businesses by telephone, text message, email, and social media of time-sensitive information, emergencies, or urgent notifications. The notification system can reach hundreds of thousands of individuals in minutes to ensure information such as evacuation notices, missing persons, inclement weather advisories, and more are quickly shared.

Please Sign Up To Receive Messages

Visit the CodeRED website and enter the required information online to sign up for the emergency alert system.  This is the quickest way to sign up because the information you supply is immediately registered in the system.  If you do not have internet at home, please consider visiting a library or asking a friend or family member for assistance.

When Signing Up Ensure Your Pinned Location On The Map Provided Is Correct. If It Is Not Correct, Drag The Pin To Your Correct Location!

Code RED Public Portal

Township Of Ryerson Emergency Management Program

The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act requires every Ontario municipality and provincial ministry to implement an emergency management program.

The Township of Ryerson strives to provide services for the safety and well-being of its residents. Ryerson’s Emergency Response Plan is available here, as well as other resources for Emergency Preparedness and Survival in an Emergency.

Documents can be available in alternative formats upon request.

Are You And Your Family Prepared For Possible Emergencies?

Are you ready to meet the special needs of all household members including pets and children if you have to stay home up to 72 hours due to an emergency like an ice-storm or to evacuate due to a nearby fire?

Information For Ontario Seniors

For more information on emergency preparedness please visit ontario.ca/beprepared